IROC Heat 2004 Features!!!

         IROC Heat physics

         IROC body style models

         IROC interior cockpits

         High resolution 1024x1024 carskin textures

         IROC Menu & Driver screens

         IROC Pacecar

         IROC driver in-game headshots

         IROC in-game race stats & placards

         IROC 2004 Championship season schedule

         ... and more.

"I've already got the previous 2002 or 2003 season version, what's different?"
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Main IROC Heat 2004 Season Download:

IMPORTANT!!!  This 2004 Crown Royal IROC installer will NOT overwrite any previous 2002 or 2003 season IROC Heat mod downloaded from this website or from CLMotorsports, so you’ll need to copy any special options.cfg or track setups into the new 2004 iroc2k4heat folders.
(53.4 meg file size)

MGI Heat version 1.75 Patch (or higher) (1.1meg Download)
(Necessary for running a Championship Season
with the proper 12 cars.)


2004 Season's alternate 512x512 resolution
car textures download (3.3 meg file):
PAINT512.EXE -**

** - These are alternate lower resolution carskin textures for
computers with more basic graphics cards and processing power.

Template--1024x1024 resolution Crown Royal IROC for Photoshop

download (1.6 meg file):

ZModeler IROC 3D car model download (1.8 meg file):

A couple of notes....

Depending on the power of your computer & videocard, we highly recommend trying
out Vertex Damage set to Yes in your IROC Options.cfg file.  It looks great, and because there's so
few cars, it doesn't slow the game's load time too much.

To use the 4 race, 2004 Championship Season schedule, you'll need to download
and install Tyler59’s Night-Texas track available at BlackHole MotorSports.

NOTE: You must have NASCAR Heat installed to it's default folders of:
C:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\NASCAR Heat\
And have a RUN folder (either the NoCD, or CustomTrack patch applied)

For additional trouble-shooting tips... Click Here:  "My IROC Mod won't work!"

Game Screenshots


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