To install a new custom carskin TEX & CVS files.
(These instructions are for original Heat carset... it's the same for all add-on carsets, you just work in their appropriate folders.)

      1)      Pick a random number that's not currently being used by the game.  Most people pick a three-digit number so they donít over-write an existing NASCAR driver.  For this example, letís say your new carskin is painted as car number 38.  Then weíre gonna say your new 3 digit number is 738.

      2)      Rename the *.TEX file you were sent (or downloaded) to be car738.tex and copy it into your main Heat directory, which by default is:
                                                            C:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\NASCAR Heat

      3)      Rename the *.CVS file you were sent (or downloaded) to be car738.cvs and copy it into your main Heat directory also. (NOTE: Ignore this step if you don't have a CVS file.)
      4)      In the same Heat directory, copy your drivers.txt file into another folder for safekeeping.  Now edit your drivers.txt file with Windows Notepad.
          Add a new entry UNDER the second to last entry in the list to look like this:
table Driver
            number 738
            name Timerider
            chassis Stock
            rank 99
            race_image 100
            body_style ccar
            Ö obviously, make the name whatever you want it to be in the game and on-line.

            And youíll notice the number is the same as the car738.tex.  Also, the body_style entry says ccar.  This is for Chevy.  pcar= Pontiac, fcar= Ford &
Dodge (itís the closest spoiler style).

           Donít edit the Hasbro carÖ.this screws up the Beat the Heat and other
Save the drivers.txt file and overwrite the old file.
      5)      Go into the game and pick the Player-# or name you usually choose on the first Main menu screen.   But in the second Drivers selection screen, choose your name that now appears farther up in the alphabetical list.  Donít pick the name in the very bottom positionÖ.thatís the old Hasbro 141 car.
Good luck,

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