If you're new to NASCAR Heat,
here are some suggestions to make it more enjoyable:

    1)  Install the game in full... meaning, make sure you've installed it to run off the harddrive (Play off Hard Disk), and not the Play off CD choice during setup.

And make sure you install the game to it's default folders, which would be:
C:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\NASCAR Heat

   2)  Download and install the MGI patch versions 1.1e & 1.75, which can be found here:  MGI Patches
        NOTE:  Most of the third-party "Mods" for Nascar Heat will also require you to apply the "Custom Track patch" (also known as a "NoCD patch").  This can also be found here: Patches

   3)  Go to BlackHole Motorsports  and download and install the High Compression 2002 Winston Cup carset addon to correct the missing real drivers, and correct the paintjobs.  While you're at it, I also highly recommend the High Compression Craftsman Truck Series add-on.

   4)  Go to www.internetracefinder.com and sign-up, download, and install IRF.  This is a great 3rd party utility for finding, joining, and hosting on-line Heat races.

   After that, there are a bunch of other addons and modifications for Heat.  See the links page on my site for some references.

   And oh yeah... maybe grab a car or two from my collection.  And if you see one you like, but need something simple changed, (like the number, or model), shoot me and email, and I can modify it for you.

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Page updated 02-17-2003