NASCAR Heat Patches

UPDATE 09-1-2004! 

Here's a combination Version 1.80 CustomTrack ('NoCD') all-inclusive, self-executing patch plus!  Ideal for brand new user's of Heat!
(Readme of what this includes)
Download:  Heat Combo CustomTrack / 1.80  (1.6 meg file size)
USE THIS COMBO PATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK.  It has been tested on several
pc's and operating systems, and should work trouble-free on
your system.  The only known issues that have been encountered in the
past have been with systems running Windows ME.  If you use my version
of the patch, please do NOT contact anyone at MGI, Atari, Infogrames, or Hasbro.
Please direct all questions to, and I will do 
my best to respond.
Pictures of the new screens
in the Combo Patch Plus!

Or...  Here are the un-altered MGI patches.
Heat version 1.80 patch as of August 2004!!!!
(You'll need to download and install the 1.1e patch first, if you haven't already done so.)
Download:  Heat patch version 1.80  (1.1 meg file size)
Download:  Heat patch version 1.1e  (1.0 meg file size)

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