Welcome to the 'MOD' that blends the best of
Americas top sports!

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MLB Heat is NASCAR Heat,
with the CTS add-on from High Compression,
skinned with all of the American and National League baseball teams.
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MLB Heat was designed to enhance league play while simply adding spirit to the game for CTS and baseball fans alike. Created as a 'mod' to provide compatability on IRF and in league play.

New game screens and music!
Over 30 new truck paint schemes!
Each individual truck is designated as American or National League.
Racing leagues, or inter-league play, can also incorporte the use of the American League and National League specific trucks for competition at the end of the season.

For offline use, you can drive as your favorite team or use the A.L. or N.L. truck and enjoy seeing ALL the other teams!

Message from Breeze:
HUGE thanks to Timerider for his time and work on this,
and to Madmunk for his patience and creating the installer.
Requirements to use this MOD
  • 1) You must have NASCAR Heat installed in full, to run off the harddrive, not off cd. And installed to it's default directory: 

  • C:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\NASCAR Heat 
  • 2) You must have at least the MGI 1.1e and 1.73 patches installed. 

  • Click here if you need the patches
  • 3) You must have a Run folder, not a Data folder. This means either you've installed the track patch, or the nocd patch. 
  • 4) You must have the CTS add-on for Heat installed to it's default directory:

  • C:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\NASCAR Heat 
Click here to go to High Compression
for the CTS add-on and the track patch, in their Heat area.

We cannot provide support if MLB Heat is installed without the above requirements.

These files, and the files within, are NOT to be posted elsewhere, or linked to from ANY other internet/web site or entity without the express written permission of Breeze812 ( mrbreeze@hotmail.com ) PERIOD!

The install.zip file includes a readme.txt which will reside in the created MLB folder. You may view this txt file seperately here: readme.txt

Download the MLB Installer file here: MLB_Heat.exe

Or from our mirror location here: MLB_Heat.exe

MLB Heat will install to it's own NASCAR Heat sub-folder called MLB. It will not affect other mods.
MLB Heat includes music. Please enable your game music.
MLB Heat copies your CTS setups folder.
MLB Heat includes generic MLB pitcrews. A full set, for those wanting it, may be downloaded and unzipped directly to the MLB folder, over-writing the pg.res, but allowing any added custom trucks to use the generic pitcrew. Download full pitcrews here: pitcrew.zip

PLEASE follow the easy installation directions carefully.
Installation to directories other than the specified default will not be supported.

Direct technical issue mail to:

This 'paint mod' for Heat was conceived by Breeze812.
Breeze -- Textures, Grahics, Production coordinator.
Timerider -- Ford/Chevy templates, Textures, Screens, Music.
MadMunk -- Graphics, Installer.
BigJeff, TWChad, Speedemon -- Chevy/GM/Dodge templates.
Dupont24/RDD -- Technical assistance, Additional files.Very special thanks go to Sean Thompson, Kevin Combs, John Hughs,
and the HC Motorsports group for the original CTS add-on which makes this all posssible.

And of course to MGI for creating NASCAR Heat.

Links to websites of those involved:
Timeriders Race Trailer: http://www.racepainter.com/

Raceday Downloads: http://www.racedaydownloads.com/

Hell Racers: http://www.unkiedaves.com/nh/index.html

Team Westside Racing: http://www.angelfire.com/my/teamwestside/04.html

High Compression Motorsports: http://hcmotorsports.com/

MLB Heat
Copyright 2002 Breeze Ent.
All rights reserved